Travel Directories

Travelers have more options than ever for accommodations. You can, of course, contact the hotel chain of your choice and make reservations for you trip. A second choice (and one we often feature) is a hotel broker, which is a great way to save money because they offer specials that are generally below any you can secure directly from the hotel yourself and usually feature a wide range of hotels — and sometimes other types of accommodations — to choose from. Today we are featuring another opportunity for travelers seeking vacation rentals. A travel accommodations directory allows homeowners to directly list their rental property, so you don’t pay the extra fees associated with a middleman’s services.

Travel accommodations directories can offer a very wide range of accommodation types to suit every traveler and every budget. From small studio apartments or condos up to huge homes suitable for multiple families, almost any size group can find suitable lodgings. Owners tend to take a lot of care in designing their vacation rental properties as well, in order to make them attractive to prospective clients, and you can usually count on more personality as well as more privacy, tailored to your needs. Prices are usually much more reasonable than those offered by hotels, while many properties are more spacious and have even more amenities.

Travel Directories

The Orlando vacation homes being offered are a good example. With Orlando being a prime US travel destination, and Disneyworld being one of its major attractions, there are lots of Disney-themed properties that rival (or even exceed!) Disney’s own resort hotels. Take a look at “The Magic Palace” vacation home, for example. Three of the bedrooms are themed in Pooh, Princesses, and Mickey Mouse, with the bathrooms being equally decorated. This 5-bedroom, 5-bath, 3000sf home is only 2 miles from Disney, and features a heated pool on the lanai along with a jacuzzi, fitness room, game room, washer and dryer, full kitchen, high speed internet, widescreen TV, playstation, and much more. Large enough to accommodate several families, rates range from only $169 per night.

Another popular US destination is Lake Tahoe. Searching for a Tahoe vacation rental, we found everything from cozy cabins decorated in a woodsy style perfectly suited for a quiet romantic getaway up to huge chalet homes with breathtaking vistas and innovative design ideas that bring the spectacular beauty of the surrounding forests and Lake Tahoe indoors with glass walls.

The variety of lodgings available from travel accommodation directories makes searching for your travel reservations a fun part of planning your vacation, and the savings are an added bonus! We highly recommend you check this option when planning your next trip.