We’re back in business after the festive period and fresh from our first meeting of the year 😍

As always, the ideas are flowing, we are thinking outside the box and beginning to strategise the realities of making some of these exciting ideas come true! We want to keep you involved in the planning process, through the successes and the lessons learned; this is YOUR Carnival!

Here are some updates we’d love to share with you:

🎉 Discussions have intensified regarding the date and format of the event; we are confident in the decision to move it to a weekend and hold the event over 3 days *gulp* 😂 We believe this will allow us to create something that can be enjoyed by local residents and our valued visitors too. At this stage, we are in firm talks to host a Themed Grand Procession on the SUNDAY. Dates will be announced after next Months meeting 🤞

🎉 As above, we want you to be with us throughout the planning, which means us being honest about what works and what doesn’t; since our new Carnival Committee formed, we have said we would host a small event on the 3rd Wednesday of August 2020 as a ‘filler’ in place of another year of absence. HOWEVER, after much thought and discussion, we came to the agreement that to do this, would take away from our main goal, which is to breathe new life into this traditional event, bring it back to the level it deserves to be and to make changes that create an event that can become sustainable again. We evaluated what was important, what was necessary and what was achievable for us and have decided there will NOT be a ‘Mini Carnival’ in 2020. We don’t want to do anything by halves and we most certainly don’t intend on fizzling into the background ;) We do however, plan to host small fundraising events throughout the lead up to Carnival 2021 😍

🎉 Our aim is to increase the area of the Event, which means we will create ‘Zones’ throughout Weymouth during Carnival Weekend, planning to incorporate the Harbourside, Hope Square and Town Centre, as well as the traditional areas of the Beach and Seafront.

🎉 We are currently a paperless committee and we aim to run a conscious and minimal waste operation when it comes to the big event too 🌿 Watch this space 🌿

We will be answering your questions about Weymouth Carnival 2021 & doing some ‘Carnival Myth Busting’ in our posts next week, so if you have any burning ‘need to knows’ for HQ, please post in the comments below and we’ll pick our favourites to be included! 👇