We regularly see misinformation, rumours or out-of-context quotes about us which can cause a little confusion among our fans *boo, hiss*…The best way to find out the latest and most accurate information is via our Facebook & Twitter pages or on our website – Only the freshest updates, straight from Carnival HQ 😍 We’re always happy to take questions, suggestions and feedback across all of our social platforms, we love hearing from you all!

We’ve had a few questions raised over the last week and we’ve done our best to put together some answers… Here goes!…

🤔 How much does Carnival cost to run and how do you pay for it?

A: In it’s most recent years, Weymouth Carnival has cost in the region of around £60,000 which includes the cost of Road Closures, Red Arrows, Insurances, Equipment Hire, Medical Provision, Security and Crowd Management Provisions just to name a few of the essentials! Despite making the decision to switch to a 3 – Day Event, we are really confident that we can keep costs around this mark, thanks to the excellent financial analysis work our tremendous Treasurer, Jamie, has been doing over the last few months! We’ve been looking at ways to make the event much more cost effective and making changes that will cut some areas of spend. To pay for the event, our committee of volunteers work with wonderful Sponsors, create mini fundraising events & seek relevant grants from local organisations; it’s the support and generosity of the community that makes it all possible 😍 We can’t wait to get stuck into fundraising this year!

🤔 How can I get involved?

A: This is probably the most exciting question we are asked! There are so many ways to get involved, from volunteering or becoming a sponsor, to entering the procession and even hosting a stall…over the next couple of months, we will be launching new areas of our website, forms and Workshops to help you get in the midst of the Carnival action! We’ve also made some changes to how our Grand Procession works, including how you can take part to make the event more exciting than ever before… keep an eye out for further news 👀

🤔 Why isn’t there a Carnival this year?

A: Great question! As you all know, Weymouth Carnival was absent from the 2019 event calendar and when our new group formed towards the end of last year, we had lots of discussions about whether to bring it back for 2020. We worried that if we didn’t, people may lose interest because it might feel too long since the last Carnival but ultimately, we knew if we were taking this on, we wanted to do things right and spend time to create an event worthy of Carnival status; this meant making some big changes, working out what our event identity and aims were going to be and doing a lot of research to make financial and operational improvements. We are excited and positive about what we will be able to deliver in 2021 and we hope you think it’s worth the wait! 😊

As always, if you’ve got any Questions you’d love to ask the committee, pop them in the comments on our Facebook post and we’ll include our favourites in next weeks Q&A!