We’ve been keeping our eye out for frequently asked, interesting and ‘Need-to-Know’ questions across all platforms so that we can provide you with some honest (and hopefully informative!) answers! Here are just a few we’ve picked this week:

🤔 Will you be booking the Red Arrows for Weymouth Carnival 2021?

A: The simple answer to that is: We don’t know yet (sorry!) Since establishing our new committee, we conducted varied research to find out what people want to see from the event; unsurprisingly it was almost unanimous from all angles, that you all want to see the Red Arrows. We LOVE that the Carnival has brought such a prestigious, World-Class display to Weymouth and we truly do love the Red Arrows, however, there’s a lot to think about! The cost is roughly around £12,000 which (whilst they are completely worth every penny) is an extremely large cost that we would need to be sure we could cover. Is there another way we could spend such a large chunk of money that would have more benefit to the town & the event? Our aim is to create something sustainable that can continue to thrive, year after year, would such a large cost put this in jeopardy? Decisions, decisions! Once we put the request in to the Red Arrows which must be done by this autumn, we have a long wait before we are told if we have been accepted; it isn’t always guaranteed if there is a schedule clash. Something that has been discussed is to have the Red Arrows every two years to help build funds up in-between. What do you think about the Red Arrows? Let us know below!

🤔 If you’re aiming to be more of a ‘Green Event’ will you be scrapping the ‘Make 21’ ticket game on the seafront?

A: The Carnival has frequently generated a large portion of it’s running costs by allowing vendors and Fairground stalls/rides to make the most of Carnival footfall, so, with any changes made, it’s important to keep a cash flow so we can pay for all the wonderful activities and events Carnival brings to town :) The committee want to take certain areas of the event back to ‘the good old days’ and bring others into the future. One of the areas that felt most important to be nostalgic, was the seafront; we want to bring back the old Carnival feel, the old games, local craft traders, family fun, which means we will be exploring many options, working with as many local companies as possible and we’ll be making sure to work with all third parties to keep waste to a minimum where possible.

🤔 Why move it to a weekend?

A: This was a huge decision for us but trust us when we say we are thinking about the big picture 🤩 Over the years, participation and support has dwindled, with many locals unable to commit to a midweek event. Without involvement from local people, there is no Carnival for anyone to enjoy :( We are just a small committee that steer the creativity and hard work put in by the people of Weymouth, that’s where the real magic happens. We understand concern about check in dates which is why we felt the Sunday would be the best day to host the procession that would include locals, Friday & Saturday check ins and day visitors too :) We understand change can be confusing sometimes but we’ve given this a great deal of thought and hope that the event will be accessible to all 🤞

🤔 Do the Council run the event?

A: No. This is a common question/misconception! Weymouth Carnival is run by a voluntary committee of local people. We benefit from support and advice from the Council – they help keep us in line (our ideas can get a little crazy sometimes! 😂)

If you have any questions for Carnival HQ, post below and we’ll include the best ones in next weeks Q&A! 🎉