Cruise Vacations

Looking for a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day? Cruises offer the opportunity to share the excitement of traveling to exotic ports of call aboard a luxurious “floating hotel.” Royal Caribbean Cruise Line offers cruises to destinations that are perfect for romance (and especially enjoyable as a balmy escape from February’s icy clutches!). Imagine you and your sweetheart exploring sandy beaches in the Caribbean, splashing together in the blue waters off of Bermuda, walking hand-in-hand while enjoying the heady perfumes of colorful native flowers, or sipping frosty drinks under the palm trees in the Bahamas. Any of these destinations would be perfect for a Valentine holiday vacation.

Royal Caribbean also offers other destinations that are more out-of-the-ordinary for travelers who want something unique in a cruise vacation. Other popular destinations include Alaska and Europe. One of the features that make Royal Caribbean outstanding are the cruise ships themselves. Imagine yourself enjoying gourmet dinners in a formal atmosphere, dancing, movies and Broadway shows, extreme sports, cultural events and much more in extravagant 5-star surroundings while being transported to your destinations.

If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere that allows you to enjoy your meals at you leisure, lounge on the deck in more casual clothing, and set your own pace, Norwegian Cruise Line is for you. The Norwegian cruise fleet offers a wide variety of choice destinations, just as Royal Caribbean does, allowing you to tailor your entire vacation experience to your own preferences.

To book your cruise vacation, check with a travel agent. Travel agents can offer special deals and packages to travelers by purchasing blocks of highly desired vacations at a discount and passing the savings along to their clients, who not only save money on their vacation package but also benefit from the expertise offered by their travel agent on their behalf. Agents offer packages that include not only hotel-and-airline packages but also complete cruise vacation packages, allowing you to create the vacation of your dreams for less cost than you might expect.