Careers in Travel

Those interested in a career relating to the travel industry have a lot of options to choose from. One of the most widely available hospitality industry programs is that of Hotel and Restaurant Management, such as the program offered by Gibbs NY. Programs such as this combine aspects of tourism as part of that degree, while other programs may offer separate concentrations in tourism.

Tourism as an industry is focusing more and more on eco-tourism and sustainable tourism. The World Tourism Organization defines sustainable tourism as having the aim of balancing the environmental, economic, and socio-cultural aspects of tourism as it relates to the local culture in a way that continues to benefit the local community.

Careers in Travel

Environmental resources can provide key elements that make an area attractive to tourists, and should be respected and preserved so as to continue the industry. The health of the local environment is equally important to members of the surrounding communities, as well as to flora and fauna and for the general goal of maintaining bio-diversity.

Maintaining the socio-cultural aspects of the local community is another important goal, as this is another key feature drawing tourists to an area. It is also to the culture’s own advantage to remain distinctive and retain their heritage and traditional values.

Economic factors are often aimed at providing employment for local community members through the tourism service industries and promoting growth of local businesses through tourism. In many cases, local crafters and artisans also benefit greatly from an economic standpoint from tourism.

All of these are key goals for the local community, and efforts should be made to balance each of these factors with the industries, activities, etc. that provide entertainment, lodging, and other services to tourists.