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There are over two hundred events held throughout the year in the borough, including firework festivals, dragon boat racing, beach volleyball, handball and motocross, and the annual carnival in mid-August, which attracts around 70,000 people each year. Weymouth is the only port in the world to have hosted the start of The Tall Ships’ Races three times in 1983, 1987 and 1994; the 1994 race attracting 300,000 spectators.


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Funding the Trip to Weymouth with Equity Release Plans

With upgrades in medical technology every year and the increase in fitness centers today, plus plastic surgery, most people are finally getting the chance to taste life after retirement. However, with the deteriorating world economy, it can be hard to fund your retirement plans, especially if you don’t have a pension plan. By reading what’s equity release and calculating how much equity you can release, you can rest easy knowing that that trip to Weymouth is sorted!

How to Manage Your Allergies While on Vacation

Spring is almost upon us, with its promise of sunshine, warmth, and good vibes. However, it’s also the season of allergies, especially with all the flowers blossoming in the sun. Well, if you are on vacation and are looking for ways to combat your allergies, Honeywell has some of the travel vacuums to help you by allowing you to enjoy your vacation without being too cautious about sneezing all over the place!.

Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Your Car Insurance Policy

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Game-Changing Essential You Need for Your Next Road Trip

Your friend has been going on about Weymouth and all the incredible sites it has to offer. You’re on leave and want to have the ‘Roman Galleys’ experience. With the shifty weather, though, you need to get the best working boots to make your excursions at Weymouth worthwhile. By checking out some reviews online, you can get the best deal and get that perfect work boot!

Strolling the Streets of Weymouth with the Best Baby Stroller

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