We loved hearing your feedback and suggestions following last weeks Q&A! Thanks for the fantastic continued support Carnival Fans 😎🎉 Here’s some more answers to your FAQs…

🤔 Why have the Committee decided to run Carnival as a CIC?

A: This is a great question we’ve been asked LOTS of times over the past week :) Starting as a brand new committee that was taking over a traditional event previously run by a variety of brilliant groups, we spent some time looking over what we could do to establish ourselves as something new and fresh from past organisations, whilst also finding ways to strengthen some of the operational weak points; we discussed our purpose, main goals and the identity we felt Weymouth Carnival should have and a CIC was the best fit! Whilst we won’t get the same reliefs as a Charity, which is how the former Carnival Organisation operated, it gives us the perfect balance between being a community oriented cause and a business, which we felt was a positive step forward in terms of making this event financially sustainable, trustworthy and professionally structured. We couldn’t have done it without the fantastic help & advice from Nigel Duff (Palm House) & Craig Oakes (Chamber of Commerce/Oakes Insure). Thanks guys! 😊

🤔 Why change the event period from a midweek to weekend?

Many, many factors went into this decision, there’s really no simple or quick way to answer this one but we’ll give it our best shot! We hosted surveys, opinion polls and discussed with a real variety of people from across the Borough through social media, local press, face to face, public consultations and more, ina bid to find out what you, the Public, wanted to see from Carnival. Repeatedly, results came back to move it to a weekend during the Summer (We had discussed moving it earlier/later in the year and the committee was really divided on this…your feedback was the deciding factor!). During committee discussions, we raised the issue that by hosting the event midweek, local people were becoming less and less able to commit to attending or participating in the various areas of Carnival; oh how times have changed since the event was first created! Without local people in the Procession, there is no Procession, without our local Volunteers, there is no event and most importantly, we want our community to enjoy the Carnival just as much as our visitors do! :) We looked into other Carnivals and their layouts, many successfully running over a weekend, we thought about road closures and the days they may cause the most & least disruption and we thought about trying something new, because change can be something truly great! These are just a handful of the reasons behind our decision and we remain confident this will be a positive move for the event 🤞

🤔 When will we find out the date of the next Carnival?

The committee meet on the first Thursday of each month and it’s on the agenda for February to agree on and release details about a date for the 2021 Carnival, so look out for an announcement on our page in early February! But we can confirm now, it WILL be in the Summer of 2021 😊

If you have any questions for Carnival HQ, please comment below and we’ll pick our favourites to answer in next weeks post 🎉