Here’s the latest from Carnival HQ; a little sneak peek into just some of our plans, thoughts and ideas for the 2021 event! But…before you lovely Carnival fans get too excited, *spoiler alert* we aren’t transforming like Cinderella into an illuminated Carnival for 2021! And here’s why:

🎈The Illuminated Carnival Circuit is FANTASTIC, we think you’ll all agree on that one! However, each float has its own committee and is created over an entire year, sometimes costing in the region of tens of thousands of pounds! Wow!
🎈Weymouth is a Summer Carnival which restricts our after dark entertainment offerings… we’d need more dark! Plus, the Illuminated Carnivals are FAMOUS for what they do, it’s their thing and we love what they do! We want to showcase our town, in our own way and have our very own Weymouth ‘thing’! #SupportNotCompete
🎈Unfortunately, whilst it would be an incredible honour for us to host some of the carts from the Illuminated Carnivals, it’s just not logistically achievable for them to bring their creations to Weymouth. That doesn’t stop us from going to them and enjoying the incredible show in their home towns! If you’ve never had the chance, we highly recommend it!

All this aside, we are INSPIRED by the performances put on by these Carnivals, we are INSPIRED by the ‘Carnival Family’ way of working they use and we are INSPIRED by YOUR desire to see our event step up to the next level and create something bigger and more cohesive than we’ve seen before. We are up for the Challenge!

We plan to bring people together; creatives, engineers, builders, choreographers and more, to produce something amazing that showcases what we’re all about; the procession will have an overall theme…. what theme would you like to see brought to life by our community?

We may not be an Illuminated Carnival but we are confident that we can shine a spotlight on Weymouth in 2021! 🎉👀